influence MAY retain We start the season off in May, as the striped bass flood our local waters, chasing herring, mackerel, squid, and sand eels. Large schools of stripers (striped bass) migrate up through Buzzards Bay and they are hungry, feeding on the abundance of bait. JUNE

fund buy strattera online In June we start seeing bluefish mix in with the striped bass. June is prime time for big striped bass as they hold up around the the boulder field and reefs, feeding on large baits and flies.

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buy cheap clomid online uk July is when we start focusing on the Elizabeth Islands and Block Island as the stripers tend to spend the warmer months of the season at these beautiful locations. These are famed trophy striper waters. Bluefish are also in full swing, and they are one of the toughest fish we see in our local waters.

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As we enter August we work the cooler waters off the Elizabeth Islands or Block Island. This time of year also brings in our other favorite species, schools of bluefin tuna and bonito—these are some of the hardest fight fish the ocean can deliver. This is also a great time to catch bluefish, one of the feistiest that swims in our waters.


Working our way into September, another hard tail species comes into the mix—the false albacore. One of these on the fly rod will spoil you for life. Their beautiful markings and insanely hard runs make this fish one of the most fun catches of the season.


October and November is fishing the fall run of the stripers, casting large plugs and flies around boulder fields and chasing large schools of migrating fish heading south for the winter.